Friday, July 27, 2007

My First Trial?

I have a client who I represent on several cases. He's charged in another county for a similar crime. He's on a trial calendar for August, meaning that his cases will go to trial in August, or perhaps September. Although I have not tried a single case in my long career as a lawyer, this may be one of my first trials. I've been "second chair" in a few cases, Drug Trafficking, Child Molestation, Armed Robbery, and I've picked a bunch of juries. All good, practical experience, but I have yet to take the final step of representing my own client all the way through trial.

This particular client has four cases in my county, one in the next county over, and even managed to get himself onto the local news for at least one of the cases. He just happened to be in the courtroom that I took over last month. Before his case comes up though, I will have been second chair on a Murder, and first or second chair on a Rape case. When I moved courtrooms, I really got thrown into the mix. I don't mind at all, but it's been trial by fire very quickly (excuse the pun).

So far, I've been able to deal with the stress. We'll see what I'm made of when I am on the eve of trial and preparing these cases.....

Monday, July 23, 2007

Huddle House

I'm currently getting breakfast at night. Where? At Waffle House's
bastard cousin: Huddle House. It's not too bad for a rip-off.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Mr. Engleburg

I keep getting calls from a client's girlfriend who calls me Mr. Engleburg.

I should be used to it by now, but why can't anyone remember my name?

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Wedding season

This year we've got 6 weddings in a row, every month from May to October.

Memorial Day in Boulder, CO kicked off the season. Steph and Andy had a great wedding over looking the rocky mountains. It was a great ceremony and a fun reception. He works for Avery brewing, so there was REALLY good beer there. I had a few.

June was Adam and Holly's month. We decided to get there early and see Northern California. Julie and I flew to San Fran and did all the touristy stuff. We went to China Town, Japan Town, Alcatraz, Coit Tower, Ghirardeli Square (the original factory!). It was super fun. Then Ali, Shannon, Nick, Ryley and Angie joined us for a trek northward. We checked out Muir Woods briefly and saw some redwoods - WOW, they're big. Then headed into Napa Valley for some vineyard tours. I drove the ladies around to sample as much wine as possible in two days... turns out they can sample a lot. So, they ordered several cases for home delivery. Fun stuff. We also got to Anderson Valley to see a vineyard run by Nick's old friend from back home. Goldeneye Vineyards. All Pinot Noir, all very tastey. Got a case there too. Finally, we migrated north again to get to Ashland for the wedding. That was great fun too. Adam and Holly got married outside, wore linen and stuff, all quite nice indeed. I got to stand up there with everyone as a groomsman, it was a great honor I think. The trip was a terrific way to take a week and see Northern Cali and Southern Oregon.

So far, we've only been to half of the 6 weddings. The third was yesterday in Pittsburgh. Matt and Martha were married on Saturday night, and I got to be a groomsman in that one too. Of note: The reception was in the same room where they filmed a scene from Silence of the Lambs. The scene where Hannibal Lecter is in a cage in a large room and he breaks out and kills those cops... it was in the Soldier and Sailor Memorial building in Pittsburgh. Very fun reception. Theirs was about the polar opposite from Adam and Holly's. It was in a big catholic church, limos, tuxedos, live wedding band, it was great. Both weddings were fabulous, I loved them both in very different ways. The only odd thing about Matt and Martha's was that two of my friends decided to try and kill each other at the reception... very odd indeed. All was patched up and drinks drowned their differences in no time. I guess that's what happens when the groomsmen drink and entire bottle of scotch on the way to the reception.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Public Defender kiddnapped at gunpoint

One of my coworkers was kidnapped at gun point Saturday night/Sunday morning. It happened about a mile from my house in East Atlanta. He and another attorney paid the bill at the East Side Lounge, then headed for the car. They were carjacked and driven to a house in Cabbagetown where they were tied up and left for 14 hours. Two men were arrested using their credit cards, and gave up the location of the two kidnapped men.

Thanks goodness this story had as happy an ending as was possible. His family was fearing the worst when he had not been found the next day.

This appears to be a robbery, not someone that he knew. When I first got a call from another coworker saying that he had been kidnapped, I thought that this was some disgruntled client. I've gotten some threatening words before, but nothing I ever took seriously. My stomach dropped when I first heard about this, but I'm glad that he is home with his family now.