Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Hard Cast

No surgery needed, but you can see the bone pushing out of my hand... mmmmm bone bumps.

I got a hard fiberglass cast put on yesterday. It's a little less inconvenient since my fingers are free, but it's still a pain to type.

Work is going slow. Both my trial partners are in the middle of a murder trial which takes up all their time. I've been covering most of their other cases, but that's not too bad.

Things get pretty boring when you can't do the things you love... it's hard to bike, play soccer or frisbee, or really do anything active with a cast. I was supposed to be waterskiing this weekend too... dang!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Another Bone

It turns out that I have TWO broken bones in my hand. I went to the specialist again today and told him that my middle finger was pretty sore. He took another look at my x-rays and lo and behold! the bottom knuckle on my flipping finger has a fracture in it. I guess we were all distracted by the more dramatic break in the other bone. I've added some graphic representations of where the fractures are. (Thank you again to mystery cyberspace hand, well done my friend.) Good news though, still no surgery.

My wifey graciously typed this for me - damn she's fast. What a babe.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

A special splint

Here's the new splint from the hand specialist/surgeon I saw on Wed. The hand still looks pretty well bruised... in fact, somehow the bruising keeps getting worse.

Interesting note: since I was taking this photo for my blog, you can actually see my last entry on my computer in the background!

Emmie pointed out that a lot of my blog is dedicated to my injuries. I realized that she's right, and I guess I should worry that I either: a) get hurt far too often, b) have the same number of injuries as the normal Joe, but bitch about it more, or c) have nothing else interesting in my life. I assure you, ALL these things are partiallly true at best. :) Maybe I have some fascination with talking about bumps, bruises and scrapes? Mom and Dad were never surprised when I called home from the ER, so maybe I just live life alittle harder than some? Or perhaps I have a disproportionate coordination to desire for activity ratio?

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

While at the doctor's office

I took these photos since I brought my camera to my appointment. They don't really do it justice, but you get an idea of how swollen and purple I got:

It's like something exploded inside my hand!!

No surgery... yet

Update: My left hand has a broken bone from soccer.

Typing with one hand: still a pain in the ass.

I saw a hand specialist today. He tells me that it's not too bad of a
break, and MOST LIKELY won't need surgery. Yay! There's always a
possibility of needing to get a pin or screw put in, but he thinks it
will be OK without.

I follow up with him next week to check how it is setting and to get a
real cast. My hand was so swollen that any cast now would be too
loose by next week. So, I am still in a splint/half cast.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I broke my hand

It seems I am not quite done with trips to the E.R. This year there was no ski trip, so there were no ski injuries. In years ppast we've always had a trip to the ER on the road in Nevada or Colorado or somewhere exotic. Shannon in 2005 with a torn ACL, Matt in 2006 with a spiral fracture of his leg, and the prize pools were not ALL favoring me for a fall this year... but the pools did not account for soccer!

Last night I took a shot in the hand from pretty close. I didn't think it was broken at first, and played out the rest of the game. When I had Ali look at it later, he pulled my finger (!) and it popped back and forth in a rather disturbing manner. So. off for x-rays and a splint.

I need to go to the Orthoscoper tomorrow to see if I need any surgery done, and will keep all aprised of the situation.

Typing with just my right hand is very tiring.

Note: that is not my hand above, just an image from cyberspace.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Clash of the Titans

We've had a few small additions to the house in the last week. Adam and Holly had to move out of the apartment they've been renting for the past few years because it sold to new owners. They'll only be with us for six weeks or so, and it's been fine so far. BUT, they had to bring their cat with them... and we've got little miss Madison here already. Turns out, Madison is pretty teritorial about the house, and everything in it. Here she is at the left, looking extra terrifying and intimidating. She's a whole 10 lbs of fighting street cat. Unfortunately for her, Reo is bigger and heftier than she is. He weighs in at 14 lbs and is a few inches taller.

Rio, for the most part, minds his own busines. (Side note: Rio has the stinkiest, STINKIEST, cat box on the planet. It wafts throughout the whole house!!) He's not very aggressive, and not really interested in Madison at all. Mostly he hangs out with people and naps on his fleece blanky. It's too bad cats aren't more like dogs. They could just sniff each other and decide from the beginning whether or not they are friends. Cats do much more circling and posturing to determine who's going to strike first. It's like they spend most of their time together dancing with each other.

Here's what it looks like whenever they are in close range to each other. It's the stare down of death, followed by the super-slow-motion slinking: