Friday, February 29, 2008

Where's your head?

Mine is in the ER..... well, it was last night.

Another soccer injury has landed me under the care of capable doctors. This time it was merely some stitches in my head. No big deal. Although there was a heck of a lot of blood when it happened. I cracked my forehead against the back of some guy's head. He took the worst of it I think, because he cried like a little girl. I just stood there and said, "Whoops," and thought I was going to continue playing. Then a teammate ran up and said, "oh no, no no" and I realized that I was leaking. In fact, I was leaking so much that blood was running down my face and all over my shirt and the ground. It was weird, I had no headache, and I haven't had any pain really. It was really freaking some people out though, they thought I was going to need cat scans and everything. No head injury at all though, just four stitches on the face.

I hear chicks dig scars?

Monday, February 04, 2008

Gimme Two Dollars!

I think I may have been robbed after soccer...

This was up in Cobb County (a county of hate, willing to elect Newt Gingrich and ban evolution etc.) I was getting gas after going to a post-soccer bar. As I was holding the pump, a white guy in camo came up and said in a thick country accent, "Hey, Gimme two dollars man." I gave my standard, "I don't carry cash" blowoff, but he was very insistant and pushy. To the point that I felt like I couldn't say no. So, I put $2 worth of gas into his car. I noticed that it had a dealer tag on it, so I'm pretty sure the car was stolen too. Interesting. Maybe I should have just sprayed gas on the guy? Then again, it was only two dollars of gas, a little more than half a gallon. How far from the cops can you run on half a gallon of gas?