Wednesday, July 26, 2006

in DA club with Steve Perry

I recently met Emily and Laura, the only known fans of this blog. Other people read this blog because they feel obligated... my wife, family and my friends (when I send them a link that involves them), but Emily and Laura? True fans. No family obligation, no stories that involve them (until now), a mere love of all things jingrah1975. Turns out, I'm a fan of Emily's too, and not just because she has a great Minnesota accent. We went to a wedding outside of Atlanta on Saturday, that's where we met. Emily works with Julie and their coworker was getting married up in Marietta. After the wedding we went to the hotel bar where they have Saturday Karaoke (One other high point: Steve Perry's voice twin - I swear he channeled the Journey front man circa 1986). Turns out Emily is a big fan of Southern Rap, and loves the Crunk ATL. Wow. Pretty fly for a white girl from almost-Canada. Her karaoke song turned out to be "In da club" by 50 cent. One of the truly awesome things about the night was hearing her say "In DA club" in her Minnesota accent.... If you've never heard "in DA club" said in that accent (with the emphasis on the 'DA'), it's totally worth flying to Minneapolis/St. Paul and requesting it from the locals.

On a related note: If you've read this blog, drop a note in the comments section. I'd like to know if there are any other Emilys or Lauras out there.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Moving Up (Over? Around?)

I found out at 9:00 this morning that tomorrow will be my last day in Juvenile Court. Monday morning I report to the main office and get my Superior Court - Felony Trial Division assignment. Who knows where that will be? Not me.

I have no idea if this should be considered a promotion. I guess people try to move up to the trial division and get more experience. I'm a little nervous, but also pretty excited to be doing something new. The stakes are definitely higher over there: If I screw up, someone may get sentenced to life in prison rather than 60 days at a youth bootcamp. That'll give you an ulcer.

I've included this gavel which can be purchased for 85 British Pounds... of course, I'm not a power crazy judge, (redundant term) so there's no need for me to be banging a gavel all over the place.