Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Smoltz going for 3000 tonight

I wish I could be at the game. John Smoltz is only 4 strikeouts away from 3000. Only 15 other pitchers in MLB histroy have reached 3000 K's. Tonight he starts against the Washington Nationals here at home.

I was at a game a few years ago when he tied his own record for strikeouts in one game, it was either 15 or 16. Either way, that's a lot of strikeouts for one game, especially considering there's only 27 outs total in a full game.

I wish I could be there again tonight, but I'll have to be happy seeing the highlights after the game.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Who are you doing?

Julie and I bought a new car in January and the dealership has been following up with service reminders and promos and whatnot. Today I got an email that asked, "Who are you doing with your new car?"

Frankly, I'm not doing anyone with my new car, and if I was I certainly wouldn't tell you about it you perv.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Mike Hampton back on the DL

The Braves signed Mike Hampton several years ago. He came in with a huge contract, something like $120 million for eight years. He has not started a game for the Braves in three years. He's been on the DL for two years, and was going to start this past Thursday's game against the Pirates. He strained or pulled a pec right before the game though, and now he's back on the DL.

Three years, no starts. It's something out of a ballplayer's nightmare. $120 million is a lot of money too. I feel like I'm back in Boston.... I have been waiting a long time to see him start a game at Turner field. I was hoping to see it this week, but I'll keep waiting I guess.

Hope he feels better soon, because we could use his arm very very soon.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Forehead Stitches

A few weeks ago I got a bump on the head and needed some stitches. Well, it was a little more than a bump, it was a rather hard smash. It left a pretty good scar, but the medical student who stitched it up was good and it's the best it can be. It was pretty hard to take pictures of the stitches, Julie had to help me out quite a bit. Here are my first (pretty pathetic) attempts:

OK, smile for us, there you go:

Wow, that's a lot of acreage on the noggin there!!

By this point I'm cracking myself up the pictures look so weird. I felt like I had an alien forehead...

Anyway, you get the point. In those photos you can still see some of the bruising that came along with the impact. All in all though, it was not as bad as it looked. I never got a headache, never lost consciousness, no CAT scans or eyeball tests. Overall I would not suggest it as a form of recreation, but not at all the worst soccer injury ever.