Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Ryan Turned 29

Ryan finally made it to the dreaded last year of the 20's. He seemed to take it OK. There was a bit of anxiety, but all in all he did alright. He handled it well.

My First Day of Work

I had a good day.

I filled out some forms, got to observe a new style of court.... I even supervised an unlicensed attorney. Prettty good overall.

Friday, August 17, 2007

My Last Day of Work

Today is my last day in the big city. After today my jurisdiction will only cover a little part of this city, and a bunch of smaller ones. It's been a good 2 1/2 years mostly. Some ups and downs, but good overall. On to bigger and better things!!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Shannon's other breaks

Turns out the fall from the rope swing also broke Shannon's shoulder blade. I've never heard of someone breaking a shoulder blade, but I guess now I know it's possible. So, the hand is being treated with rods, pins, screws, plates and kryptonite. I have not yet heard how the shoulder gets to heal.

This makes me think about how stupid I was as a kid. We did some really stupidly risky things when we were young. Rope swings like this one, swimming in raging rivers, running with scissors, the list goes on. I've been told that I had a relatively high number of ER visits in my life, but I'm beginning to wonder how I didn't have more...

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

More Broken Bones

Not mine this time.

After we ran the triathlon on Sunday we rented a pontoon boat on lake Chatuge. We were there for the race anyway, so what better way to relax than floating along on a nice N. Georgia lake. We made it alost the whole day without any mishaps or broken extremities. But, by 4:30 we had worked our way over to a rope swing into the lake.

Pontoon boats are mostly for cruising and drinking. I wouldn't call our outing a "booze cruise" but we had a few coolers and some of the boys and girls had a few drinks. Drinking and rope swings are a notoriously bad idea, but we seem to gravitate to bad ideas as a group. So, after a few of us had taken a couple of rides on the swing, Shannon climbed up the muddy slope for a go at the rope. As it turns out, she wasn't able to hold onto the rope long enough and went crashing down on the rocks at the bottom of the hill. LUCKILY, she did not hit her head or land on her spine. UNLUCKILY, she did not escape injury and had a compound fracture of her Radius. One of the two forearm bones. It is down near her wrist, and it was pretty darn bad. So, the rest of the evening was spent by all at the ER at Chatuge Regional Medical Center. They drugged her up and started the healing process, but had to send her here to Atlanta for the St. Joseph's experts in Orthopaedics. That's the same specialist center that I went to for my broken hand. They're nationally ranked, so she is in good hands.

She had surgery last night, and we're all thinking about her.

This Blog Got Me a New Job

I have been talking to another attorney here in Atlanta ever since he commented on my blog. He's got his own blog here on cybernets, or interweb, if you will. We've chatted about our respected PD offices off and on, and he gave me a heads up when there was an opening in his office. Well, that heads up e-mail turned into an interview for me, and that interview led to another interview, and all of a sudden, we're going to be co-workers! That's right, I've got less than two weeks in this office, and then I start as a brand new PD in a brand new office. It's very exciting, especially all the good things I've heard about my new place of employ.

When I went to their office to officially receive my offer, the Director said, "Oh yeah, we've all read your blog. It's great, very funny." I was a bit surprised, but delighted that they liked my sense of humor. I'm also glad I didn't put any of my more embarassing stories on here, like... my 30th birthday party, Drew's 21st birthday, almost any given weekend, stuff like that.

So, this blog really did get me a new job!

Monday, August 06, 2007

Triathlon Crew

Here is the fun crowd of first time triathletes. They write your number on you in sharpie, so we figured we'd show off our goods. This was right after we had all finished, and were glowing in anticipation of the rest of the day off from exherting ourselves.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Go Clydesdale!!

I just finished my very first triathlon!! I was in the Clydesdale division,which means men over 200 lbs... yes, the faty guys.

It was hard, but we had a ton of fun. Drew, Marya, Shannon, Ryan and I ran it (and biked it, and swam it) this morning in Hiawasee, GA. I would love to do another one, but maybe not back-to-back.

Ryan finished first at 1:16
I came in second at 1:20
Drew and Marya held hands across the finish line at 1:26
and Shannon came in around 1:30 somewhere.

We all had a blast, and are looking forward to the next one.....