Friday, April 15, 2011

Little William

I wrote this a while ago, but it looks like it was in drafts rather than being posted.....

Jan. 4th I was at work when the wifey called in labor.  A few very short hours later William was born. She didn't think she was really in labor, so I went ahead and got some work done. In fact I went over to the jail to talk to some of my clients about court. So I'm in the jail (without a phone) while she's having contractions until about 5 pm. Before too long we were driving through rush hour traffic to the hospital.

William turned out to be two weeks early just like his grandfather who he is named after!

Edit: it turns out that Popi was actually SIX weeks early!!! Wow, beat W by a month!!!

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Critical updates required

It has been too long. I only decided to come here and post something because of the anxiety I am feeling at the moment. Today the wifey flies to Portland for some kind of company meeting. This means that I am a single dad for two kids for a few days. My exterior is very calm and collected. Inside, I am nervous that I may sleep through some crying, give someone the wrong diaper, forget to feed the cats, or any other number of things that could go wrong. It is not a good feeling. Other than that things are great!! :) Work is slow right now, so we're catching up on all the crap that we are supposed to have time for but don't. I am not playing soccer any more due to baby time and general lack of sleep. My motorcyle is not working due to my own stupidity (human error caused oil leak). The lake house is getting new floors -- very exciting!! Looking forward to going up there in a few weeks to put all the furniture back in place and to enjoy the lake-side. Also looking forward to putting the canoe in the water for the first time. Good stuff!!